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Soft Starter

Soft Starter

Innovation in soft start

Fairford are known internationally as the pioneers of soft starters and are still innovating today. Fairford are specialist designers and producers of innovative Soft Starters and Energy Optimising Soft Starters for AC induction motors. Since their inception in the late 70’s Fairford have been at the forefront of the Soft Start industry and have worked in almost every industry in virtually every country around the world. They hold a large library of case studies from all over the world. Fairford were the first company in the world to design and produce the first fully digital three phase Soft Starter with automatic Energy Optimising – the Fairford EO System was granted patents in the USA, Japan, Australia and Europe. IERS is the next generation of energy recovery in fixed speed applications.

XFE Range

DFE Range

QFE Range

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